The casino industry generates approximately $32 billion every year. That said, in a recent study by the American Gaming Association, 77 percent of those who visit casinos eat at fine-dining restaurants. Most casinos embrace the desire of gamers' appetites and offer a plethora of culinary options from the expensive fine-dining options to elaborate buffets featuring everything from sushi to seafood to made-to-order pastas and omelets. So how is one to decide where to go when their appetites outweigh their desire for the casino? Southern Gaming has you covered! We felt it was our responsibility to bring you the scoop on the everything from fillets to buffets. In this Dining Guide, we have compiled an extensive list of the culinary outlets of the casinos in the Southern markets - from Indiana to Florida - as well as a snapshot of some of our preferred places of Las Vegas. Take your taste buds on a tour of casino eateries beginning in Indiana and finishing with Las Vegas. We hope our guide will enlighten your dining experience. is your one-stop-shop for the latest and greatest in all that is gaming. Gaming related news is posted daily, along with lotto results, sports odds, weather, concerts & more! Click here to go to!