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Show Review: YAYE


YAYE (pronounced “yay”) is the appropriate name for the newest cirque-style show being held at the Beau Rivage Resort and Casino in Biloxi, MS. Running from June 9th – August 9th, the month-long show features dazzling acrobatics, death-defying aerial stunts, and a comedic clown krewe that will keep you entertained throughout the evening. While the Beau Rivage is not new to the circus game, with twelve years of cirque shows under its belt, YAYE brings a new kind of excitement to the gulf coast that we’ve never seen before.

From the multi-million dollar theatre to the oversized props, colorful lighting, and custom music, YAYE brings Vegas-style entertainment to the beachside casino resort. The show itself requires a crew of nearly 50 technical staff to prepare, and according to Producers Anthony Gibson, of the Beau Rivage, and Mischa Matorin, it doesn’t stop there.

“How big is the staff of the Beau Rivage? 3,000? And every single one of them is working toward this show. Whether it’s catering, or housekeeping, or bell staff, every single person here is working to make sure we are ready,” Matorin shares.

Considering that past shows have brought in over 85,000 audience members each year, it’s no wonder the team at Beau Rivage is working tirelessly to prepare. Production for a show of this magnitude starts a year in advance, and despite the fact that Gibson and Matorin have been producing shows at the Beau for over a decade, each new show is not without its challenges.

“The biggest challenge is coming up with something new. We have a lot of repeat guests who come 3 and 4 times, and they come every year to see the show, and we want to show them something new and exciting. The people of the gulf coast are really the inspiration, because we want to make sure the show is something different for them. We want a different look and feel, different acts, different music, everything different.” Matorin, who was raised in a circus family and toured with both the Moscow Circus and Cirque d’Soleil, strives to make each year’s show unforgettable, starting with an unbeatable cast.

The cast of YAYE is especially unique this year as every act has won awards in some of the most famous international contests. These performers are the finest in the industry, and with numerous daring stunts, one of which is nick-named “The Wheel of Death,” it’s clear that this show is going to be unbelievable. “I don’t like to call it the ‘Wheel of Death,’ I won’t call it that,” Matorin laughed when describing the nearly 30 foot tall structure, “But there are no second takes. It’s not like film where you can try again. There is only one chance to get it right. We are constantly changing and evolving and trying new things. Even once the show starts, we are always changing things. These aren’t just people who like to do this sort of thing, these are professionals with years of experience.” Matorin and Gibson described a rehearsal schedule that is “24 hours a day” with only two weeks for the acts to all rehearse before the show.

The acts are chosen specifically by Matorin and Gibson, and this year the cast is entirely new, with the youngest member only eighteen years old. “He is actually the son of someone I performed with 25 years ago. We all know each other, we grow up together. You see children backstage and they’re watching and learning and practicing tumbling, because their parents do it and they want to do it. Most of the performers know each other from different shows, and when they get together it’s like a big family, and that energy comes out in the show, and goes out to the audience and to the audience families.”

The Beau Rivage also has family in mind when it comes to YAYE, with ticket prices starting at only $12.95, or $40 for 4 tickets. The Beau Rivage is also offering kids eat free in the buffet with a ticket stub, and discounts at other casino restaurants. Mary Crachiollo Spain, Regional Director of Communications explains, “As a company we decided to make this a family event. Most of our guests are parents with two, three, or even four kids, and that can get expensive! We want families to be able to come out and see the show and have a good time. We have the resort and the arcade, and we have the casino, sure, but we have so much to offer families.”

With the acts, music, lighting, props, and even the theatre seating meticulously re-designed, you are guaranteed to see something new at YAYE.


by Kristen Lennard

Southern Gaming’s 2015: Readers Choice Award Winners


We are excited to announce the winning properties of Southern Gaming’s 2015 Readers’ Choice Awards. It goes without saying that gaming properties have their hands full when it comes to meeting the high expectations of their customers. Whether it is providing a perfect meal in their steakhouse, showcasing exciting entertainment acts or having an abundance of life changing jackpots in the casino, attention to detail is always a priority and the recipients of these awards have proven that.


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When it’s time to leave, you gather your winnings and head home, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like the getaway was long enough. What you need is the excitement gaming provides paired with the relaxation of a scenic destination, a chance to explore the area attractions on a relaxing journey, rather than just a quick getaway. (more…)

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TO A FIRST TIME visitor, the dearth of Southern culture in the Outer Banks in North Carolina is surprising. For generations, local families have survived by harvesting the sea, creating a population of entrepreneurs who tend to think outside the box. Even the local accent is unique to the region. Known as a high-tide brogue, it borrows inflection from the area’s Irish and English roots, with nothing Deep South about it.


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We know you’ll love it and hope you’ll give it a try!


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Appetizers…Entrees…Desserts…Hungry Yet?

Casinos in the South take pride in providing their guests with the best, especially when it comes to food. Try not to drool as you flip through the next few pages.

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IN THE EARLY 1990’S, TUNICA, Miss., was one of the poorest counties in the country. Located just two miles south of Memphis, hot summers and cotton fields embellished the otherwise unremarkable region. Then, in 1990, legislation legalized casino gaming, and the race was on to build the biggest and the best facilities to meet the demands of gamblers and to compete with the booming business being had in Las Vegas. The tax revenue generated was an immediate benefit to the county school systems, road ways and downtown district. Today there are eight casinos boasting almost $1 billion in annual revenue and providing thousands of jobs.


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Sheryl Crow. The name says it all. When people think of southern pop/rock music, it’s her voice and well-strummed guitar that fans across the world hear in their minds.

All I Wanna Do, Soak up the Sun and If It Makes You Happy are amongst her biggest hits. Her genre-blending music has earned her nine Grammy Awards and a spot on VH1’s list of the Greatest Women of Rock N’ Roll.

She has performed for millions of fans over the years at venues world-wide including the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, where she has earned a top spot among the best shows at the rock n’ roll-themed property.




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