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If you have ever wanted to rub shoulders with the stars or play cards with the world’s best poker players…NOW is your chance!

The Jim Beam Kentucky Bourbon Poker Tour consists of 4 Texas Hold’em Tournaments held at Louisville bars. The top 5 finishers of each tournament will advance to our final event on Tuesday, March 2nd at Billiard’s Club to compete for a seat in Phil Hellmuth, Denny Crum & Robert Williamson III’s Kentucky Derby Poker Championship* on Thursday, April 29th.

The 1st place finisher of each event will receive a free overnight stay at Horseshoe Casino Southern Indiana.

The 1st and 2nd place finishers from each event will also receive a Wheel-R-Dealer electronic card dealer.

We are bringing back the Poker Run** this year! Even if you are eliminated at one of the tournaments, you’ll still have a chance at earning a seat at the final event.

Click here to see the pictures and comments from Fall 2009's tour!

* Phil Hellmuth, Denny Crum & Robert Williamson III’s Kentucky Derby Poker Championship is an annual Texas Hold’em poker tournament held the week of the Kentucky Derby in Louisville, Kentucky that benefits local and international charities. The beneficiary charities for this year’s event are Blessing in a Backpack and the Health & Climate Foundation.

** The Poker Run gives you a chance to earn a seat in the final event, even if you don’t finish in the top five at any tournament. Once you are eliminated, see a Southern Gaming staff member and you will draw 2 cards. We will keep track of the cards from week-to-week. Whoever has the best poker hand at the end of the four tournaments gets a seat in the final event at Billiard’s Club for a chance to play in the Kentucky Derby Poker Championship.

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