:The Fun, Excitement and REAL CASH PRIZES of Bingo… from the convenience of your home!

If you’re a fan of bingo, you know that the “Bingo Universe” has changed a great deal over the last few years. With smoking bans, law changes, and bingo hall closures tens of thousands of avid bingo players have taken their play online.

However, if you’ve gone online to play bingo you’ve probably found:
– An overseas site that makes you question whether it’s safe, legal, and secure.
– Sites that offer “virtual coins” or credits that you can’t spend.
– Sites owned by companies you’ve never heard of.

     Now your LUCK HAS CHANGED! Introducing Cash Bingo on!


Churchill Downs…that’s right – the trusted, world renowned owner of the Kentucky Derby – presents a fun, unique, and exciting way to play Bingo online for REAL CASH PRIZES. The best part is you can play all day, every day from the convenience of your own home in a safe, secure, and legal environment.

But…how does bingo on tie into horse racing? That’s a good question! The bingo game prizes and winners are determined by the outcomes of live horse racing taking place worldwide! Each cash bingo card purchased is associated with a specific horse in a specific race. When your horses win, you’ll get to shout out that sweet word: “BINGO!” Luckity features two kinds of bingo games with every bingo pack: Clover games and Cash games. Players can win Clovers that can be used to enter the weekly $100 cash giveaways. More importantly and most exciting is that Luckity’s cash bingo games give players the chance to win big money hundreds of times each day. The highest prize in the last month was over $30,500! Luckity also offers a $100 weekly cash giveaway with players earning entries for registering, buying bingo packs, referring friends, and more. And if that’s not enough, Luckity also has live chat so you can talk to your friends. Just like being at the bingo hall, but from the comfort of home, right?

How do you know it’s safe, secure, and legal? Another good question! Since the winning bingo numbers are determined by live horse races, Luckity operates under the Federal Interstate Horse Racing Act and is licensed by the Oregon State Horse Racing Commission. Therefore, you can rest assured that legal to play! Security is also validated DAILY by Norton VeriSign so you can be sure that your information and your money are safe and secure!

Luckity also enables you to withdraw bingo winnings safely, securely, and quickly. You can simply transfer your winnings directly to your bank account with zero transaction fees. If you prefer, you may request to have your winnings mailed via check. It’s that easy.

How can I join

It’s easy! First, simply create a free account online. Of course, all of your information is kept secured and will NOT be shared with 3rd parties. Next, you need to make a deposit to start playing. Right now, Luckity is offering Southern Gaming Magazine readers a FREE MONEY first time deposit bonus – new users get $15 free play when they deposit and play just $10!

If you’re looking for a new, exciting, safe and LEGAL way to play Bingo online to win real cash prizes, look no further than Head to today to learn more and how things work and play for your chance to start winning today!