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Best Bets in the Casino

Not all casino games are created equal. Some give you a better shot to win than others. Some part you from your money faster than the rest.

Your guide to the best opportunities vs. the bankroll eaters is the house edge. You have a chance to win in a short session on any game, but you get more bang for your buck when the average percentage that the house keeps is smaller.


Craps Tips: Q & A with the Pro

Learn top Craps tips from the best with these Q & A’s from your fellow gamers!

FROM MARK: My first bet is $220 inside. After three hits I make a $15 come and go down with full 75 odds.  I play at a casino where I can go 5x odds.  Am I better off just pressing to $75 or continue to make the come bets? I have read from some writers that the Pass Line and Come bets are not really that good; that the casino is tricking people to make those bets. I’d also like to know about systems that call for betting those bets that come in with high house edges in order to balance out expectations based on probability. What say you?


Craps: The Bad Boys

CRAPS PLAYERS WILL ALMOST universally say that craps is the most exciting game in the casinos. Even devotees of other games will probably grudgingly admit this too. Blackjack players, for example, can find it to be a real misery at tables because there are so many self-styled experts happy to regale them with their playing strategies. Roulette players don’t like it when their hands are pushed aside by other people placing chips on the same numbers.


Ask the Experts…How do I use the 5-count method when playing the Pass Line and Come bet in Craps?

Got a gambling question? Get it answered by the experts!

Featured Question: I like to play the Pass Line plus odds and two Come bets plus odds in craps. How would I use the 5-Count method? Do I play the Pass Line with no odds and wait  for the 5-Count and then play odds on the Pass Line and then my two  Come bets plus odds? Or should I wait for the 5-Count and then  play three Come bets plus odds or play the Pass Line plus odds and then wait for the 3-Count and start to play my Come bet plus odds? –Tim Dircksen



Craps is the most exciting game in the casino. Sadly, the majority of craps players give the casinos huge edges by their awful betting choices. That doesn’t have to be, because at its purest, craps is a very simple game with a very small house edge on its better bets.


Craps: To Regress or Not to Regress?

My colleagues in Golden Touch Craps Inc., Dominator and Mr. Finesse, are advocates of regression betting as a means of securing wins and avoiding losses. A typical regression play, called the $110 one-hit-and-down, would go like this:


Casino Courtesy: Gross Craps

In any casino game you play with other people at the table, there is always the chance that you’ll metaphorically rub shoulders with people whose shoulders you’d prefer they kept to themselves. Slot players don’t usually have to worry about disgusting, ill-mannered, unkempt, unclean and obnoxious players standing right next to them, as slot players can move from machine to machine should some shaggy beast sit at the machine next to them. The slot player’s life is just him or her and the machine.

The same cannot be said with craps players. Yes, the craps table attracts many decent, nice and personable players, the majority of whom are a pleasure to play with at the tables. But craps also attracts troglodytes — non-evolved creatures whose only goal in life is to annoy and disgust you.


Are Alternate Place Bets at Craps as Different as They Seem?

Craps offers a multitude of betting options. Which ones you pick at the tables depends on many factors from mere preference to confident strategy. Considering all the options presented here will allow you to define the game you play best.

Craps offers a veritable smorgasbord of alternate bets. The wealth of wagers from which players can pick is both a strength and a weakness. Strength because of the ways bettors can tailor the action to suit their personal preferences. Weakness because the diversity of features can make comparisons confusing.


Craps: Stupid Move or Smart Move?

My friends and I call ourselves The Five Horsemen, with our tongues firmly planted in our cheeks, I’ll have you know, and we are all black chip players. Two of our members are at orange chip levels. We prefer to play at $25 and $100 tables.



Craps: Real Numbers vs. Gambling Numbers

Gamblers have a certain way of looking at craps bets by evaluating what their wins and losses mean in the larger context of the game, which then dictates how they should play the game. But the casinos have a far different way of viewing the exact same game. Indeed, you would think these two different ways of looking at a craps game are so radically different that one of them must be wrong.

And one is.

Sadly, it is the gambler’s notion that is wrong while the casino’s is right on the money, and it is why the casinos make the most money from craps and why intelligent casino bosses do not concern themselves with individual wins and losses on any given session, hour, shift, day, night, week or even month.

Smart casino executives know something that is so true they can take that something to the bank, which they certainly do. However, there are some casino executives who don’t know this and will sweat through their suits when a craps table gets hot.

Players look at the game as one of individual wins and losses that add up to being behind or being ahead this minute or this month or maybe even this year. “Hmm,” they think, “Last week I bet $60 on the six and I lost five times in a row. I am now down $300! Yesterday I lost another $600 — 10 sixes in a row. I am now down $900 total.”

The casino looks at the exact same rolls and says, “We just won $13.68 on that gambler and we will always win $13.68 on 15 players’ losses on the six. In fact, for every $6 bet on the six, whether the player actually wins the bet or loses the be, we win 9 cents.”

How are the same exact rolls looked at in such different ways? And why are the casino’s vision of what has happened a perfect 20-20 while the player’s vision is totally blind?

It’s simple really. The casino understands the math of the game; while almost all craps players only understand what happened to them today or a few trips in the past. The fact is that math wins the day. For every $6 on the six a player bets in a random game, he does lose 9 cents — he just can’t see it that way because he has individual tunnel vision. But constantly betting that six for years and years will begin to show that 9 cents per wager coming into view — that is a given.

Fortunately for the casinos, they can see their view rather quickly since their tables get multiple players betting those sixes over and over again. They know from the math of the game and from their experience of the “near” long run that the math is correct. They make that 9 cents on winning and losing place bets on the number six.

Now here is the toughest thing for craps players to grasp. Let us say that a shooter has been on a blistering roll and the players have thousands of dollars in bets on the layout, how does the casino look at such a moment? Does it feel devastated? No. It just calculates its win on each and every bet. It doesn’t matter that the table was as hot as Hades, those bets bring in “X” percent of the money on that layout whether the table stays hot or goes into the deep freeze.

Many Golden Touch dice controllers have trained themselves to look at the game of craps just as the casinos view it. If a Golden Toucher has an edge of 5 percent when he bets that $60 on the six, he says to himself, “The house edge is 1.5 percent; my edge in a fair game is 5 percent, so I will win 3.5 percent of that $60 or $2.10 each time I make that bet.”

Looked at this way, which is the correct way, the Golden Touch player just has to make sure he has enough money in his gambling bank account (called the 401G, with the “G” standing for gambling) to withstand the short-term fluctuations which non-savvy craps players think is the be-all and end-all of the game. The casinos certainly have enough money to ignore the immediate, and, with an appropriate bankroll, the player can think just like the casinos do.


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Craps:Best Bet in the Casino?

Let’s say you are playing a random game at a casino, meaning you are solely relying on luck to win. Given that as the underlying basis, what is the best bet you can make? In short, it is the bet that gives you the best shot to win some money.

Obviously, no one would pick the slot machines, as almost all of those have edges ranging from around 2 percent (a rare occurrence) to around 10 percent (a normal edge), all the way up to around 17 percent (those giant progressives). Play the slots and you’ll need outrageous luck to get in on any of the fortunes from those machines.

Would you play roulette, where the house edge is 5.26 percent on the double-zero wheel or 2.7 percent on the single-zero wheel? Roulette is a slot game, but those edges are still way too high to make this the best bet you can make.

How about all those carnival games such as Three-Card Poker, Four-Card Poker, Let It Ride and Caribbean Stud? These games are fast, and all of them have house edges at, about or above 2 percent. So I say no to these.

What about one of my favorite games, Pai Gow poker? If you can’t afford to bank the game, which can sometimes give you an advantage, the house edge is about 2.6 percent. But the game is slow, and you get to make decisions on how to play your hand. So this game is a possibility because of its pace.

How about blackjack, the most popular table game in the casino? Playing perfect basic strategy gives the house a mere one-half percent edge as long as you don’t play the games that pay 6 to 5 on blackjacks or games that severely limit the choices you can make. This is another possibility.

However, all the possible best bets are no comparison to a simple bet at the game of craps called the Pass Line (or its twin, the Come bet) with odds, which is a separate bet that has no house edge.

Once you place the Pass Line bet, the house has a 1.41 percent edge — higher than blackjack, lower than all the other games. Once a number has been established as the point, the Pass Line bet can have odds placed on it — some casinos allow two times the amount of the Pass Line bet (2x odds) and that reduces the house edge to around .61 percent. If the casino allows three times odds (3x odds), the house edge drops to .47 percent. If the casino allows 5x odds bets, the house edge goes down to .33 percent and with 10x odds the house edge is just .18 percent.

That’s the first ingredient in why this is a great bet — the low house edge.

The second ingredient is the fact that your bet is not being decided on every roll of the die. If your number is a 6 or 8, the bet is decided 11 times out of 36 possible combinations. If your number is 5 or 9, your roll is decided a mere 10 times for every 36 combinations, and if your number is a 4 or 10, you face a very low 9 decisions for every 36 combinations.

What does that mean? It means simply that the game is slow when you bet the Pass Line with Odds. You face less than a 33 percent chance of winning or losing with each roll of the dice.

By the way, the Come bet works exactly the same way as the Pass Line bet and has exactly the same odds of winning and losing.

If you are the type of gambler who does not want to get an edge at craps by learning a Golden Touch-controlled throw, the next best thing is to make the lowest house edge bets, and the lowest of these is the Pass Line with odds. It is also a bet that is not decided on every roll.

scoblete_f-copy_comp.jpgFrank Scoblete, the No. 1 best-selling gaming author, is director of Golden Touch advantage-play seminars in dice-control. Websites: and His newest book is “The Virgin Kiss and Other Adventures!” Other recent books are “Golden Touch Dice Control Revolution!” and “Golden Touch Blackjack Revolution!” To order Frank’s products or free brochure, call (800) 944-0406.